Customer Comments

The food was tasty and the selection ranging from wholesome dishes to home made cakes.

Very nice, particularly likes that vegan options were marked.

As always delicious - healthy and feels like its doing you good.

Whats wonderful tastes.

We bring all our friends here & recommend it widely. The Ethiopian food is exquisite & such an unusual treat.

Beautifully presented and very fresh filling.

Tasty, very nice, interesting new flavors enjoyed trying Injera bread- reminded us of "Oatcake" with a lemon twist.

Delicious! I liked the bread as I have not tasted bread like that before - Yummy.

Excellent. You might want to point out the lasagna is quite spicy when they order.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again for your amazing food! Having left the UK for Canada 3 1/2 years ago we have eaten in many Ethiopian restaurants hoping beyond hope to find food as yummy as yours but sadly have been unlucky. So of course, The Global cafe & Tutu's Ethiopian Table was the first stop on our recent visit (even before seeing family & friends!!!) and oh my what a treat. So much so we also made it our last stop before we flew back. Being vegans good food is hard to come by, especially when travelling so it was great to fill our bellies. Thank you again, you will be our first stop on our next trip back to England. In the meantime we will have to settle for my feeble attempts at making Ethiopian food.

Take care

Julie & family, British Columbia, Canada

Tutus Ethiopian table Copyright 2008